National Museum of Visual Arts

National Museum of Visual Arts (Uruguay) (Spanish: Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales) a museum in Parque Rodó, Montevideo, Uruguay. It was inaugurated on December 10, 1911.
This museum has the largest collection of Uruguayan artists artwork. Among them are works of Rafael Barradas, Joaquín Torres García, José Cúneo, Carlos Federico Sáez, Pedro Figari, Juan Manuel Blanes and the artist Pablo Serrano who lived in Montevideo for twenty years.
The museum hosts also temporary exhibitions, in many cases of foreign artists, whose artwork travels in different museums around the world.


  • 1, ground floor. surface: 152 m²
  • 2, ground floor. Area: 1015 m²
  • 3, first floor. Surface: 110 m²
  • 4, first floor. Surface: 634 m²
  • 5, room, upstairs. Surface: 570 m²
  • Conference Room, ground floor, with a capacity of 174 seats. Primarily designed for video conferences.
  • Library,upstairs. Monday to Friday from 11 to 17 hours, focused on art, with more than 8,000 volumes.
  • Garden,designed by landscape architect Leandro Silva Delgado Uruguay.


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