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Bartolomé Hidalgo Park

The park Bartolomé Hidalgo and its valuable natural heritage have gained relevance internationally since in September 2013 UNESCO will incorporate to its World Network the Geopark Palace Caves , of which the Bartholomew Hidalgo forms part as one of its geosites.
This site was declared National Park in 1944 by the president Juan de Amézaga, and although it is in the department of Soriano, its administration and management corresponds to the Intendance of Flowers.

The park stretches over 200 hectares surrounded by the waters of Lake Palmar, 4 kilometers from Andresito.
It has a free camping area equipped with barbecues, public toilets, water and electric current; And among the activities that can be carried out in the Park Bartolomé Hidalgo are fishing in the lake, camping, trekking on the park’s trails, or a visit to the Ysapy Ko’e Arboretum, where native species are found in Training, for research and study purposes. In addition, there is a small wildlife reserve.

But, without doubt, the main attraction of the Park Bartolomé Hidalgo is the conformed by its geological outcrops. These rocks result from the accumulation of sands in rivers whose waters flowed to the north more than 250 million years ago. The different layers show the original stratification formed at that time; Then the erosion produced by water for thousands of years left those forms of relief and curious outcrops that, in some cases, have a striking resemblance to animal forms, such as the site known as “stone lizard.”

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